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Happy BIRTH-Day Dekker!

Posted By on July 19, 2013

(And it only took me nearly 4 months to blog about it! I guess that shows how busy #3 makes things!)

Dekker Jonathan Martin

Born Friday, March 22nd, 2013 at 11:09pm
6 pounds, 10 ounces!


It was a crazy day!  I had to work that day.  And I had contractions all day, but nothing that I couldn’t handle.  I had had so much false labor contractions and braxton hicks contractions that I didn’t think too much about it that day.  Although, towards the afternoon, I was slowing down and even stopping for some of them…  I even had an opportunity to go home early due to staffing that day, but opted out, since I’d be just as busy at home with the big kids there…

So, I worked my 13.5 hour day – the day got crazy at the end (like always) and admissions were rolling thru the door left and right.  I think I left close to 8:30pm.  (I prayed the entire day my water wouldn’t randomly break at work, leaving me with wet pants in a probably awkward situation…  and it didn’t!)  Once I got home, I was able to {slow down} and sit!  Which apparently told my body to {get going} with labor!  Within minutes of being home, I could tell a change in my contractions.  I thought, “maybe if I take a bath and rest for a few minutes I’ll feel better.”  I brought my computer next to the tub, turned on my next episode of Downton Abbey, and relaxed… for about 15 minutes.  At that point, things were getting more painful and I thought I’d get out.  I thought I’d sit down in bed and time them out to see where they were at.  I did that for 2 contractions, quickly told Jon that I’m calling the doctor and we’re going in.  I was hurting and they were coming every 3-5 minutes.  So, my loving neighbor, Debbie, came to sit until Jon’s parents arrived from Windsor (that’s how bad I wanted to leave!).  So, within an hour and a half of getting home, we were headed back!  We did decide that this was better than past experiences of sleeping 1-2 hours, then being startled awake to rush to the hospital!  I am always happy to live within 10 minutes of the hospital when in labor!  Especially this time, I was actually concerned about getting there in time!

Dr. Samuelson was on call and luckily, I knew he would be in house and available because I had just admitted a patient of his before I left work and I knew he’d be in to see them!  :)  I told the nurses to keep him close and set-up quickly… and they did!  Within an hour of being there, our newest addition to the family had made his arrival!  He got to spend a few minutes at the warmer after he came out – I think his heart rate dropped because he came so quickly and it wasn’t coming up very fast after he came out.  They told me later that his APGAR was 2 and 9!  TWO!  My word, son!  But he was fine and came back to my tummy shortly after to cuddle and nurse!

It was a whirlwind, as always, but joyful to see our new baby face to face, cuddle and smell him!  (Don’t you love new baby smell?!)

Here’s our journey in pictures!


20130322-01  20130322-04

20130322-06  20130322-05

Bath time!

20130323-07  20130323-08

20130323-09  20130323-10

I think each kiddo has had a storm with their birthday!


Liz had this great blog when she had her sweet baby, Micah, about getting your trophy waterbottle when you have your baby!  Well, here it is!  Used everyday in my house, very vital to this nursing momma! So, here is my prize for pushing a baby out of my… well, yeah.  Thank you, PVH.


Big brother and new big sister!  Very excited to meet Dekker!!  They didn’t even say hi to me when they came in – just on a mission to find that baby!


New big sister/brother bands!

20130323-12  20130323-15

I cannot tell you how much this little girl loved this little boy from first sight!  This is her baby, I think!

20130323-16  20130323-17

20130323-22  20130323-19



20130323-20  20130323-14

20130323-23  20130323-24

Dekker, not thrilled with Aunt Lindsay giving him a skater hat motif.


Back when my neighbor, Teva, had her 2nd baby, we rewarded her hard work with chocolate ravioli from Jay’s Bistro! Have you had these?? Umm, they are amazing.  Well, these ladies promised me the same reward… I had been looking forward to it since!  And it did not disappoint! I love you ladies!!

20130323-26  20130323-27




20130324-37  20130324-38

And Grammy came to visit!

20130324-39  20130324-40


Family of five!

(Mara was in a mooood trying to take this…)

Going home!  I forgot to put on his pants, ha!  He was snug as a bug, anyway, in his blanket liner.

20130324-41  20130324-02

At home, we were greeted with shrills of joy from the big kids, flowers, colored pictures and notes!

Welcome home, baby!



20130324-43  20130328-51

Our first walk! I love my Ergo!


Big Boy!

Posted By on June 29, 2013

I am 3 months!


And I have cute feet!



Posted By on June 11, 2013

Beautiful weather = go outside to play!

Ah, I love summer!


B bigwheel

D smiling


This girl is built for speed!

20130606-05  20130606-06

Roar!  Boys and their Big Wheels!



Smile Box.

Posted By on June 11, 2013

Talk, talk, talk.  Smile , smile, smile!

Here’s especially to you, Great Grandma Alice, who hasn’t met him yet!  Dekker says hi!

(Turn the volume up!)

Jon has him trying to sit up a lot lately (Dad training times…), so I think that’s why he keeps trying here…  :)  Maybe they should work on potty training next ;)

2013 Piano Recital!

Posted By on June 8, 2013

It’s that time of year again – Breyton just finished his piano recital!

This year he played “Animal Fair” and he did great!  You can watch below…

What’s fun about this song is that he played 2 hands, two different chords and changed keys at one point!  Pretty awesome.


Good job Breyton!

He loves his teacher, Miss Christy!  (Although he was not super cooperative with pictures…)  Mara insisted on getting her picture with Miss Christy too!

20130608-01  20130608-05

20130608-02  20130608-04

Grandpa Greg came too!



Posted By on May 30, 2013

Best thing to cheer a little girl up out of her “post nap funk” …

… A baby brother, for sure!



Three Year Old Beauty

Posted By on May 24, 2013

Our little girl is growing up…

She had been asking if we would take birthday pictures for her like we did for Breyton… Excited.  New shoes also helped!

This little girl loves shoes and clothes.  Although, anymore, if it doesn’t twirl or resemble a princess or ballerina, it’s no longer an option! She makes at least 3 clothing changes a day, usually dressed before she’s out of her room in the morning!

She still loves her blankies – one for the silk, one for the tag. Loves her babies and takes meticulous care of them – talking to them and loving on them. She is all girl, including the emotions that come with it! Now I know how my mom felt raising me! She has started to write letters, mainly “A’s” and some “M’s.” Then she makes random lines and identifies them when they randomly make a letter! She has been put in charge of the highly esteemed role of doing the daily calendar number, which she loves. A great way to look at numbers on a daily basis! She is getting to be the next computer pro in the house – finding her way around with ease, especially YouTube, finding princess videos!

We love this girl!  And I’m so glad she is ours!

Happy Birthday Mara Joy!

M birthday words



One of my favorite “sweet smirks”

20130524-02-2  20130524-03-2

20130524-05-2  20130524-06-2

20130524-08-2  20130524-09

And, thank you, Miss Debbie for letting us borrow your garden!

Rise and Shine!

Posted By on May 24, 2013

D’s morning faces…  (after he’s fed, of course…)


morning faces


Posted By on May 23, 2013

What Dad does with baby when he needs two hands…


Happy Mother’s Day

Posted By on May 12, 2013

I love my little family.  I love my loving husband. 

Throughout the day, Breyton would look at me sweetly and say, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.”  He can be so sweet!

After picking out flowers, we spent the afternoon outside planting and playing.  Even Dekker did a good job in his bouncy seat/swing!  We ended our day at PF Chang’s for dinner.  It was a complete blessing that after hearing a 1.5 hour wait time, we got a table outside on the patio/bar within 5 minutes!  Especially since it would be kid’s bedtime soon…

I am a lucky mom and lucky wife!


Someday My Prince Will Come…

Posted By on May 11, 2013

Happy 3rd birthday to our beautiful Princess Mara!  She is a true joy to our family and we were blessed when God gave her to us!


I wondered if I should hold off for a princess party until she was 4 or 5 – that she may enjoy it or appreciate it more.  But I’m glad I went ahead with it, because this girl is all about princesses and I was happy to not have missed the climax of her joy of them!  She got her first princess dress up dress for her birthday and she loves twirling in it and dancing already!

I started with a few ideas in my head, added some more Pinterest ideas, and before long, had quite the princess plan… maybe more than I bargained for.  But it was fabulous and I know Mara felt special on her special day!  And my good friend, Debbie, helped for more than 2 hours to get it ready with me the night before!  Bless that woman!

We had just a few of her princess friends come, to keep it simple.  Here they are:  Princess Mara, Ava, Katie, Kyla, Lydia, and Micah!

20130510-42  20130510-44  20130510-45

20130510-47  20130510-50  20130510-53

Our family room was transformed into a magical purple wonderland!



And a fancy dining table, fit only for the finest of princesses!




                          20130510-07  20130510-09


20130510-24  20130510-25  20130510-27

20130510-28  20130510-26  20130510-29

Of course a princess needs to be grandly dressed, therefore purple tutus were awaiting each girl’s arrival!  To be followed by crowns, bracelets and rings.  Next, nails would be polished in the prettiest of hues.  Beautiful pearl and diamond necklaces were laced and magical ribbon wands were created…


                        20130510-03  20130510-06

20130510-17  20130510-18  20130510-19



Birthday gifts and cake!

                     20130510-38  20130510-39




Princes’, Kings and Queens?  They were there too!

20130510-33  20130510-15  20130510-31


We had a great time!





Princess Mara and Prince Breyton


Unsolicited princess dancing!  Have a peek!

The Big Kid’s Birthday!

Posted By on April 29, 2013

We have a 5 year old! Wow, I feel old.


This boy has turned a corner – an all boy corner.  I think the day he walked through the 5 year old door, things got louder and rowdy-er but still a lot of fun mixed in! 

B is starting to love to tell jokes – one of his favorites he says often: “What did the waffle say to the pancake? Stop eating me!”  Yes, he doesn’t know the logic is off there, but it cracks him up like it’s the funniest thing ever.  He’s definitely an entertainer!

He asks a lot of questions, comes up with his own math problems, reads chapter books, could live on pizza alone, plays chords on the piano, and has unending energy!

He is learning (and being trained in) how a big brother leads, protects and loves his sister and family.

We love this little boy!


                20130429-01  20130429-03

He loves to pick “flowers” for me! And looks pretty darn proud when he does!  :)


(This year, we did a quicker photo shoot that didn’t end in tears – for either of us!  Go mom!)

Papa Loves His Babies & Fishing

Posted By on April 13, 2013

Papa came to town to meet the new little man!

And to fish the ponds in our neighborhood!

But we needed fishing poles… and training! 

So we practiced casting in the family room with play fish.

And put our skills to work outdoors!

And we were awesome.

Lots of sunfish.  As fast as you could drop a worm in, there was a fish waiting.

We worked hard to catch the “monster fish.”  (A massive catfish that swam along the surface… so you could see his top fin out of the water)  He wouldn’t go for anything!  According to neighbors, he’s been fished by many others also, to no avail.

We love Papa!

20130412-01  20130412-02






20130413-09  20130413-10

20130413-11  20130413-13





Eight Days Apart

Posted By on April 6, 2013

We’re going to be best friends, I just know it.


All Things Easter

Posted By on March 30, 2013

Still catching up on blogs…

Well, I’m glad I cooked 2 dozen eggs for dying for Easter!  The kids blew through them!  Especially Mara, who does one tiny thing to an egg and calls it good, wanting to move onto the next.  Or wants to put an egg in every color and go from there!  :)  And stickers!  Oh, stickers are very fun.

Breyton enjoyed writing on his eggs, once he figured out that it shows up after they’re colored!  Many many eggs had “Breyton” on them! 

Jon tried out his best basketball, and of course, an M Coupe featured egg!  He was a little disappointed that the lines didn’t connect in the back when the color revealed his design.  I tried out a taped off egg – it was ok.  I liked how it ended up bleeding kind of cool.

Lots of fun and I think only one cup spilled this year!  I know it’s not super exciting to look at other people’s easter eggs, but… you can pretend to  :)

And then we made Resurrection Rolls for the first time!  That was fun but would have been better using fresh marshmallows rather than slightly old ones!  B loved them, but not M’s favorite to eat (she’s not a crescent roll eater anyway).


20130330-01  20130330-02  20130330-03

20130330-05  20130330-06

20130330-02-2  20130330-07  20130330-08


20130330-09  20130330-10