Proverbs Thirty-One: Thirty

A Day in the Life…

Sick Day.

| February 19, 2012

When Mom is sick… they still come to play. My view of the afternoon: Shirt, pants, whatever! My variety of drinks to sip and things to do… in bed. Texts I got through the afternoon: B ended up getting sick that night and then Jon a couple days later.  M was a lucky duck (thank […]

Sick kiddos.

| November 28, 2010

Poor     sick         kids… Last week, both Mara and Breyton were sick with colds.  Then, followed by 4 days straight with fevers.  After drowning them with Tylenol and Motrin for 3 days, we took a trip to the doctor.  Both were said to have mild ear infections, Mara’s a little worse than B’s… Which […]