Proverbs Thirty-One: Thirty

A Day in the Life…

A New Addition

| August 14, 2013

Thanks to a friend lacking some room, we are borrowing (maybe permanently) a piano!  B has loved practicing on it and even usually wants to play more songs than required when he does practice!  M likes playing it too :)  B’s teacher even said she could tell that he’s been practicing on a real piano… […]

Jingle Bells …

| December 26, 2011

Breyton’s first piano recital; his Christmas piano recital  :)  He’s been taking piano lessons for about 3 months and loving it and his teacher, Mrs. B!  That’s her with the awesome hat  :) He did great!  Have a listen yourself…  It’s Jingle Bells. (What’s he’s doing first is getting his fingers into C position.  He […]

Just Having Fun

| December 3, 2011

Mara really enjoys coloring (for about 5 minutes) – especially once she discovered markers and their caps!  Forget coloring – so much more fun to put the cap on and off! Playing in the toy baskets – sticking out their tongues! Breyton started taking piano lessons a couple months ago and has been loving it!  […]