Proverbs Thirty-One: Thirty

A Day in the Life…

Mark Darling

| October 6, 2011

Have you heard of him?  I first saw him speak at our college church, The Rock, and at different conferences we went to throughout college.  He is a pastor in our church movement, Great Commission Ministry (GCM) churches, based out of Minneapolis and was one of the founders of The Rock.  He’s a passionate guy […]

Don’t read if you want to be encouraged.

| June 12, 2010

FB update:  “I’m becoming convinced that pushing the baby out is not the hard part.” I feel like it’s been a rough couple of days. Last night:  Mara eats at 5pm, then 6pm, then 6:30pm.  Then goes to bed around 7pm.  Sleeps until 11:30pm (Great!..but…).  Eats around 3.  Won’t go to sleep, just cries.  Wake […]