Proverbs Thirty-One: Thirty

A Day in the Life…

Christmas Toes

| December 27, 2012

… and fingernails, which someone is disappointed sitting here that we don’t have a picture of them… This little girl is all girl!  Which I love, by the way!  She loves her nails painted!  She got some of her own pink and purple nail polish in her stocking. Each time we do pictures, we also […]

Merry Christmas, Part 3

| January 11, 2011

The paper was the best part! Oooh,  a remote control! Mara, what did you get?! Joy Bear!  Now she doesn’t have to steal Drew Bear. And what did Jon get??  All the way from Italy… An M Coupe car cover! Best of all, Papa came to town!!  Mara had never met Papa until now!  And […]

Merry Christmas Part 2

| January 6, 2011

A little bit of it all – pre, during and post Christmas!  (And maybe more to come that are still on the camera!) Unpacking Christmas!  Breyton loved seeing the pieces to the nativity that we had been talking about pre-Christmas! Making cookies!  I know you’re totally jealous of our “lounge look”!  And no, I am […]

Merry Christmas

| December 15, 2010

Anticipation is growing in the Martin household.  Breyton enjoyed trimming the tree – mainly in one area – but that area looked great!  Breyton has tried {several} times to unwrap one particular present of his.  He goes around, on a daily basis, naming the ones that are his – somehow he comes up with more […]

Advent Calendar!

| November 28, 2010

Well, after quite a while of talking about this, wanting to do it, and slowly finding pieces to make it, it’s done! With my friend, Jeanne’s advice, I read Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper.  Amazing book, and very practical too, on family traditions and why they matter; especially linking them back to […]