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Steamboat in March!

Posted By on March 31, 2014

We took an extended weekend to Steamboat with Jon’s family!  And it was nice!  Good time to relax, not worry about school or schedules…  It’s nice to just be a family hanging out!  And we did some fun stuff too!  We went to a tubing hill in town, ice skating and plenty of swimming in the condo’s indoor pool!

Not sure it was a vacation for Grandma and Grandpa…


We were in a 3 bedroom condo, so the kiddo’s usually share a room and Dekker is with us.  Well, Jon’s grandpa came along, so B gave up his bed for… the closet!  We had to convince him it was the coolest “fort” for a bedroom though! 

20140305-03  20140305-04

They didn’t have high chairs like they did when B was little and we stayed there.  So, we improvised!  The bar chair fit his little legs perfectly under the table and he loved being at the table with everyone!


Dekker’s first experience swimming!  (Sorry, didn’t bring my camera… too busy keeping baby from drowning…)  He floated around in his baby inner-tube, totally relaxed, focused on watching his siblings be crazy.  :)  Knowing he loves baths, I thought he’d be a swimming crazy pants!  But he wasn’t!  I know he liked it though!




20140305-11  20140305-12

20140305-13  20140305-14

20140305-16  20140305-17

Mara was pretty proud she could touch in the hot-tub!  Big girl!


20140305-08 20140305-09 20140305-10

The kids LOVED tubing!  The hill looked kind of disappointing at first, but with the first go-round, it proved fun and speedy!  It had a moving walkway up the hill (which the kids loved!) and then 2 tracks to go down.  We went down as 2’s (parent-kiddo), then Mara was the first to want to go down alone… and she did!… And loved it!  Then B followed suit.  Then we went down all together, which was really really fun!  We’d go again!  I think it was the highlight of the trip for the kids!

We also went ice-skating.  Which, the kids have done once before.  B LOVED it and M cried a lot.  This time B was excited but Mara was pumped!  All excited to “try all by herself” and how “super fun” it was…  Well, B had an ok time but didn’t seem to love it.  Turns out later we find out he got a blister on his ankle…  Mara, on the other hand… cried more.  Like, first steps on the ice.  Yeah.  She only had fun when someone was holding her hands to skate.  And Dekker!  He got to skate too!  They had sleds!!  So again, little chill boy sat in his little sled like this was an everyday thing  :)

20140305-21  20140305-23

20140305-22  20140305-24

20140305-25  20140305-28


Speaking of fun Dekker things!  Until this point he would cruise anything and walk if you got him going.  This trip, he started taking off of things walking! Such a little cutie!  And now, he’s continued it at home, becoming more of a pro little walker all the time!

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