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Posted By on November 26, 2013

This little boy just hit {8 months}!


How time flies.

I can’t say this road with three littles is easy.  No, I can’t say that at all.  It’s hard.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I know these will be the sweetest years and I try to remember that through my day…  I’ve also been reading 1000 Gifts, which mainly talks about finding joy in God, your surroundings, and thankfulness in everything.  Then when your heart is thankful, it brings you closer to the joy of God… I probably botched that but really, having a thankful heart is hard but super sweet when you can get there in the hard moments.  The “ugly beautiful” – seeing thankfulness in whining little girls, fussy babies, middle of the night baby wake-up calls…  It’s a process, but one I want to get better at.

But this little boy… he is not usually the brunt of my need for thankfulness (usually.). 

He continues to meld into our family, so much that it’s hard to picture it without him. 

He is a great sitter and is now loving discovering toys – rather than playing with what’s given to him.  He’d rather find them in his basket, play, and go find more.  He will automatically roll over when put on his tummy to play.  But once in awhile he will stay contentedly a few minutes, scooting in circles, discovering what’s around him.  Then roll over.

He gets very excited when he’s brought into the bathroom for bath time.  Once he’s undressed, he’s trying with all his might to escape from you and get to the tub.  Bath toys are a new and exciting invention.  Who knew there was more joy than just the water!

He is becoming more interactive.  His new favorite game is shaking his head, like “no.”  Thankfully, he doesn’t know its meaning.  He loves to clap your hands.  He {loves} to walk around holding your hands.  I can see the excitement in his eyes as he gets to actually move to what he’s interested in!  I can see him skipping the bulk of crawling and go straight to walking… like another little boy in this house.

Tickling and rough housing are quite fun.

He is a smirker.  He will definitely give you smiles, but like his big brother, he watches a lot, taking everything in, and gives these cute little sly smirks.  I love it.

He’ seeing the potential in baby food more and more.  Real food seems very tempting to him until he tries a bite and gets caught up in textures, usually ending in gagging.  :)

The very best of all… this little sleeps in his very own crib in the “boy’s room!”  We have kept him in our room for so long for a very important reason… To preserve sleeping!  For a long time, he was waking up anywhere between 2-5am for any number of reasons.  And we didn’t want Breyton’s sleep disturbed too much.  We also didn’t want the big kids waking him up in the morning when they’re up.  So, we have found our sweet spot for now – he goes to bed right after the big ones are completely down.  He’s up between 4:30-5:30am to eat and goes back down in our room.  That way when the other two are up between 7-8am, Dekker’s allowed to sleep his morning!  And we’re finding that Dekker crying at night (if he does), doesn’t usually disturb B too much.  Peaceful!  It’s good to have our room back to ourselves – not having to get ready for bed super quietly and in the dark.  And Jon gets to read in bed once again!





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