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The World is Getting Bigger!

Posted By on August 16, 2013

This little boy is 4.5 months and discovering more every day!

He’s getting those fun little grabby hands!  Watch out or he’s got ahold of most things in a moment’s time!  He thinks it’s great.  And mom’s hair…oh yes, loving grabbing hair. He’s put Mara to tears by grabbing hers – which in turn turned Dekker to tears…  :)

He loves his exer-saucer and any way of being up to see what’s going on around him! He’s entertained by his siblings and loves to watch cartoons along side of them…  Not such a fan of tummy time but getting better.  Loves to be tickled and talked to.  Loves attention.  Still a laid back little man that will truck along with you wherever you go.  Loves to play “boo.”  Doesn’t really suck his thumb too often but will chew on as many fingers as he can get in there!  Likes to be thrown in the air or “dropped” down.  He’s getting more roll-ey on the floor – reaching for things nearby.  He will often roll off his tummy to his back. Finding his toes.

We haven’t started cereal or baby food yet.  Why rush another step in the meal process :)  But I may start some cereal before long just because.  He’s getting a little more interested in food (or maybe just in grabbing it!) and has discovered sucking out of mom’s water bottle is pretty fun!

Things that I love that he does… when you catch his eye, he gives a sly little smirk or a big bright smile. When I hold him and he wraps both arms around my neck to hold on. Giggles.  Kicks like a mad-man in the bath tub!  Listens when I sing.  When he settles into sleep in the ergo carrier and just melts into me.  Laughs when M or B play with him.  Comes off of nursing, smiles at me, and gets back on.  His baby smell.

He is a great third little blessing.






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  1. Linds says:

    Cute! Baby D is great. He can’t talk back, say no, or run away!!!

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