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Three Year Old Beauty

Posted By on May 24, 2013

Our little girl is growing up…

She had been asking if we would take birthday pictures for her like we did for Breyton… Excited.  New shoes also helped!

This little girl loves shoes and clothes.  Although, anymore, if it doesn’t twirl or resemble a princess or ballerina, it’s no longer an option! She makes at least 3 clothing changes a day, usually dressed before she’s out of her room in the morning!

She still loves her blankies – one for the silk, one for the tag. Loves her babies and takes meticulous care of them – talking to them and loving on them. She is all girl, including the emotions that come with it! Now I know how my mom felt raising me! She has started to write letters, mainly “A’s” and some “M’s.” Then she makes random lines and identifies them when they randomly make a letter! She has been put in charge of the highly esteemed role of doing the daily calendar number, which she loves. A great way to look at numbers on a daily basis! She is getting to be the next computer pro in the house – finding her way around with ease, especially YouTube, finding princess videos!

We love this girl!  And I’m so glad she is ours!

Happy Birthday Mara Joy!

M birthday words



One of my favorite “sweet smirks”

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20130524-08-2  20130524-09

And, thank you, Miss Debbie for letting us borrow your garden!

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  1. Kim says:

    Your photos did a great job of capturing the Mara we all know and love! I’d also like to mention what GREAT big sister she is!

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