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Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted By on February 26, 2013


Kids {loved} putting their Valentine’s together this year.  Last year, it was a chore for Breyton to write his name on all of his cards but this year he loved every minute!  I gave him his list of friends and he went to work.  Of course his cards were Cars themed and Mara’s were “princess.”  Although, hers were Tinkerbell, she thought they were…




B was excited to load each card with a stamper, candy and tattoo.  (Grammy, I hope you wore yours!)

M was overjoyed to stock hers with suckers, sad that we couldn’t for the mailing ones, and sad she didn’t get to eat all of her suckers…  But she loved “writing her name” on all of her cards as well!

I was telling Jon that I love Valentine’s Day with our kids because they get such a kick out of little things you can do for them!  I didn’t take pictures but here’s what our day consisted of…

-Paper hearts taped to the inside of their door with what we love about them written on them.  I could hear Breyton reading them in the morning all excited  :)
-Pink heart blueberry pancakes
-Valentine’s cards to them
-Lots of hearts strewn

I had planned to do more – but then came up with a {probably} crazy-fun idea to do a traditional type Valentine’s party with all the kids from our small group.  This may not sound crazy, until you see the size of our “small” group…  And there are 2 moms out chasing 2 runaway kids here…  Three of us moms are pregnant (one of which, is one of the missing ones)…  Grand total = 16 kids (+ 3 prenatal)


Yeah.  But as a lot of our kids are either homeschooled or not in school yet, I wanted them to experience handing out Valentines, candy, and fun!  And decorating boxes!  (Which I discovered that Jon and I have very different histories of box decorating as children… we went my route- since it was me doing it :)  You can see B strategically placed his candy on the wheels of the Cars characters…


But we did do the party!  And we got to do a cancer fundraiser “PJammin Party” along with it for our friend, Jodi, whose daughter, Aly, finished chemo more recently.  So, it was a good excuse to wear your pj’s to a party!  (But we are lame and didn’t wear pj’s…)


Twelve kiddos!  And B says, “Peace.”  Actually he was telling me how many fingers I was holding up… :)  How do you get this many kids to look at you at the same time!  M was so excited, talking about “all her friends” coming over for a party that day!

We had fun!  Lunch, games and Valentine’s!  We made Valentine’s bookmarks out of paint swatch papers (free!) and then played a “shooting arrow” game!  We tried to shoot our Qtip arrows through a straw into a bowl!  Karissa rocked it!  I think they just enjoyed shooting Qtips though!

20130214-09  20130214-10

20130214-12  20130214-13  20130214-14

20130214-15  20130214-16

It was kind of crazy (really?!) so I didn’t snap too many pictures.  But I think the kids loved it and loved giving out Valentine’s and then seeing what was in their own boxes in the end!  (And Kristine – our kids LOVED having popcorn bags! Such simple joys!)

So, thanks moms for coming and being part of the craziness.  We probably stressed more than necessary that day (Erin Winking smile) but it was worth it!  Let’s do it again next year!

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