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F is For Frog (& Fish)

Posted By on February 5, 2013

This week we’re learning about frogs (& fish for Mara).  They remind us to use our tongues wisely. 

I was excited this week because we would be getting two new friends in our house —

Meet Charlie and Charkie!  Guess who chose names?  :)


Here’s a better picture of, umm, one of them…  :)


They are African Dwarf Frogs and are about 1 inch long.  I think they like their new home.  Mara loves having them in her room and we check on them often!  Dad hasn’t met them yet since he’s out of town!  Here you go, honey!

{Both} kids are doing great with school!

Each day they get a  penny for their penny jars until we get to the 100th day of school.  Mara’s stays pennies and we count them to 20 each day.  Breyton gets to trade them out for different coins as he goes (ex- one nickel for 5 pennies…)  He was excited, because today he got to another “25 number,” he called it, and got to trade his 2 dimes and 5 pennies for a quarter!  We hit the 75th day of school!  He even took the initiative to go get a quarter out of my wallet!  :)

B has also started doing fractions, tallying, memorizing addition facts, and is doing really well reading a clock!

Breyton likes to line his money out on his 100 day counting paper as he counts it.



No, we don’t count all the way to 75 for Mara!  :)  Although, since she can now identify all her numbers 1-10, I have introduced the number board to her and showing how we count more numbers!  And by golly, she gets it!  She likes counting other rows by herself and can count to 30 on her own.  She likes counting the 60’s row because it’s pink.


I use a LOT of Confessions of a Homeschooler’s pre-k letter of the week stuff with her.  She’s getting to where she can do more and more!  She loves sorting her “big and little” letters because the little ones are “really cute” and she just “wants to hold them!”  Sound like the little momma Mara?  Yes.

She’s saying, “I did it!”


She also has more recently started finding the letters in a story pages.  She did a really good job doing F’s – in fact, she erased and re-did them about 5 times!


Working on the challenge of what curriculum’s we’ll be doing next year for school – ones that we can run with for a few years, hopefully!  I think I’m about 95% decided.

(Hope you enjoy seeing our week, husband!  We miss you!)

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