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Discovery Science Museum

Posted By on January 12, 2013

In need of something to do on a cold day, we all headed to the new Discovery Science Museum for the afternoon.

After looking around a bit, the kids settled in to their favorite areas…

Mara loved making the beach balls float on air.  Breyton liked the music areas.  They both loved the “tornado” – it was pretty fun to watch them be blown around at 80mph!  It was fun to explore – and that’s just what they did!

M liked the fans too – you could spin them around and watch them ripple the sequins wall.  M’s newest smile…

20130112-02  20130112-03

20130112-04  20130112-05

I got to explain what a xylophone was!

20130112-07  20130112-06

The tornado!

20130112-08  20130112-09

Racing balls.

20130112-10  20130112-01

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