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C is for Cow

Posted By on December 26, 2012

“God’s word helps me grow.”

That’s what we learned about in school 2 weeks ago!  We’ve been plugging along in My Father’s World curriculum this year!  It’s been good and a lot of character growing at home!  This particular week we learned all about cows and dairy products…

So what did we do?  We made butter, of course!  It took some perseverance…and I don’t think the kids believed me that all their cream shaking would actually produce butter…  But all of sudden, we had butter!  They couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the fruit of their labor!  Then we made toast!

Mara’s been doing great with school as well.  She is starting to understand more concepts and can do a little more detailed preschool type activities.  She can count almost to 20 and is learning to recognize a lot of letters – more than I thought she knew!  We are working on recognizing numbers 1-10 and the letter each week.  She now points out letters she sees around town – which I love!

I switched to a “workbox” system for school (for a later post) and that has helped me keep organized for each kiddo and what they’ll be doing each day.  And helps me do more focused activities with Mara.  They also love going to find what’s in their boxes each day to do!

I’m starting to look into what we’ll be doing next year for school.  Breyton will have a mix of kindergarten and first grade depending on the subject.  He’s doing really great, loves doing school, and likes to tell people he does school at home.  Mara’s having a hard time not doing school this week for Christmas – she keeps asking to do school…  That’s a good sign :)

Here’s some shots of making butter…  Most weeks we try to do some fun activities.  Unfortunately the dairy that you can visit does not have their cows there this time of year, so may have to experience cows in warmer weather…

20121213-01  20121213-02

20121213-03  Shake it up!
20121213-04  Butter!

20121213-05  20121213-06


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2 Responses to “C is for Cow”

  1. Liz says:

    Very cool, Jenn! You are the best. I think I need some help figuring out some things to do. I know you have given me suggestions, but I will have to ask again, as I didn’t write it down : ) Yay butter!

  2. GrammyGreat says:

    You guys are the very best parents ever. I’m so proud of you and your parenting skills. Love you.

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