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Little Olympians…

Posted By on August 12, 2012

Has anyone else’s children been affected by the Olympics?  Mine have been creating several “couch cushion courses” for gymnastics, tumbling, and in general, craziness!  :)

Here’s the breakdown –

Breyton – Good beginning form with a perfect tuck position. Release with beautiful legs together and pointed toes.  Arms ready for coming landing. Great form. Landing straight, great eye contact with the floor with legs following perfectly!  9.8!

Wow, very nice Breyton Martin from Ft. Collins, CO.  And only 4 years old!

B tumbling

Next is Mara Martin, 2 years old from Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Not much practice for this little one, but she’s going to give it her best this year!

After several practice rounds (and not too bad with her front rolls – some with some good air!), Mara decides to change up her strategy.  This is risky but could go well with the judges if she can pull it off!  Starts off promising, a little balance issue but gets back on track easily.  Big brother encouraging from behind.  What good support she must have!  And here comes the landing – Oh… off center.  That will definitely be a deduction but great extension and landing!  Look at those arms!  You can tell the areas she’s been working on!

Still awaiting her score… 8.3.

M Tumbling

Looks like Mara Martin gets the silver this year!  Not bad for only 2 years of practice!  We’ll see you again in 2016!  The gold goes to Breyton Martin!  Congratulations Breyton!  We’ll look forward to seeing what you bring in 2016 as well!

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