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Posted By on August 12, 2012

We went for a brief visit to see Great Granddad and Great Grandma Alice!  We road-tripped with my very own momma!

We had an exciting encounter with a deer on the way there, but my steadfast husband was driving and he kept us from danger!  Just some fun swerving…

We got to see Yellowstone and went “real” horseback riding!  My Grandma’s sister has a ranch outside of Montana where we got to visit and ride!  It was SUPER hot that day but we still had a good time!  We also went to Red Lodge to walk around and shop.  Both kids LOVED riding horses and even loved trotting!  Mara didn’t really want to leave once she got comfortable with them!  I don’t think she realized just how big horses are!

Yellowstone was not a super great hit with children…  And it probably didn’t help that it began with a long drive to get there!  M was melting down most of the time and B just didn’t look very impressed.  Maybe again in a few years…  Also, there were barely any animals around – even buffalo!  But then, finally, a bunch of buffalo came walking down the street!

It was nice that Great Granddad’s house is still “kid friendly” – since Grandma Alice has kept all her kid toys!  Including there awesome crawl space made into the “top secret playhouse!”  You open a door in the floor of the laundry room, climb down a ladder, and make your way to a perfect little person play area.  Complete with kitchen, shelves, money, menus, and table!

We had fun!

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