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A Day in the Life…

Steamboat in March!

Posted By on March 31, 2014

We took an extended weekend to Steamboat with Jon’s family!  And it was nice!  Good time to relax, not worry about school or schedules…  It’s nice to just be a family hanging out!  And we did some fun stuff too!  We went to a tubing hill in town, ice skating and plenty of swimming in the condo’s indoor pool!

Not sure it was a vacation for Grandma and Grandpa…


We were in a 3 bedroom condo, so the kiddo’s usually share a room and Dekker is with us.  Well, Jon’s grandpa came along, so B gave up his bed for… the closet!  We had to convince him it was the coolest “fort” for a bedroom though! 

20140305-03  20140305-04

They didn’t have high chairs like they did when B was little and we stayed there.  So, we improvised!  The bar chair fit his little legs perfectly under the table and he loved being at the table with everyone!


Dekker’s first experience swimming!  (Sorry, didn’t bring my camera… too busy keeping baby from drowning…)  He floated around in his baby inner-tube, totally relaxed, focused on watching his siblings be crazy.  :)  Knowing he loves baths, I thought he’d be a swimming crazy pants!  But he wasn’t!  I know he liked it though!




20140305-11  20140305-12

20140305-13  20140305-14

20140305-16  20140305-17

Mara was pretty proud she could touch in the hot-tub!  Big girl!


20140305-08 20140305-09 20140305-10

The kids LOVED tubing!  The hill looked kind of disappointing at first, but with the first go-round, it proved fun and speedy!  It had a moving walkway up the hill (which the kids loved!) and then 2 tracks to go down.  We went down as 2’s (parent-kiddo), then Mara was the first to want to go down alone… and she did!… And loved it!  Then B followed suit.  Then we went down all together, which was really really fun!  We’d go again!  I think it was the highlight of the trip for the kids!

We also went ice-skating.  Which, the kids have done once before.  B LOVED it and M cried a lot.  This time B was excited but Mara was pumped!  All excited to “try all by herself” and how “super fun” it was…  Well, B had an ok time but didn’t seem to love it.  Turns out later we find out he got a blister on his ankle…  Mara, on the other hand… cried more.  Like, first steps on the ice.  Yeah.  She only had fun when someone was holding her hands to skate.  And Dekker!  He got to skate too!  They had sleds!!  So again, little chill boy sat in his little sled like this was an everyday thing  :)

20140305-21  20140305-23

20140305-22  20140305-24

20140305-25  20140305-28


Speaking of fun Dekker things!  Until this point he would cruise anything and walk if you got him going.  This trip, he started taking off of things walking! Such a little cutie!  And now, he’s continued it at home, becoming more of a pro little walker all the time!

A Day in the Life…

Posted By on January 26, 2014

A day in pictures. 


Colds infecting the household.  Tissues piling up.  Kangaroo baby.

Last day of school for the week, lending us to the kitchen table, soaking up {light}, and searching for creativity in the mundane.  Spelling lists on windows and crafting scraps litter the floor.

No free hands, let alone time for clean-up.

Tired.  Breakfast at nearly lunchtime.


Beauty in my “kitchen table garden.”









Turkey at The Farm

Posted By on December 15, 2013

The Grammy’s have a farm!  This was the 2nd time we’ve been there.  Sadly, we did not get our Thanksgiving turkey from the farm… maybe next year!

We joined Aunt Pam, Uncle Dennis, “Bobbert,” the neighbor, Mary, the Grammy’s and far too many dogs!

Everything was delicious!  I would have eaten much more my fair share had my stomach been feeling better…  I did sample both pies though!

The kids love the farm!  So far it is stocked with cows (some bottle feeders) and chickens.  The bottle baby cows are awesome and super friendly.  They will suck on your fingers or taste your clothes if let!  Children don’t appreciate this of them as much.  The chicken coop is actually a chicken mansion.  They are well taken care of!  The kids love feeding cows and finding eggs in the coops!  They also love wearing their cowboy boots from Grammy so they can “walk in cow poop!”  We’ve had many conversations what kind of poop is ok to walk in since…

This was a quick trip (and cold!) so I didn’t get as many pictures… and the last trip I forgot my camera altogether…  But I did get Breyton for a quick shoot at the neighbor’s house.  (Mara was napping…) She has some beautiful old cars that work as a great backdrop and a really cool barn!  We’ll get more use out of the scenery in future trips for sure!

Jack, Charlie and Bam-Bam (Bambi)






             20131128-11  20131128-12





Here’s the boy I know…





The Little Man post.

Posted By on November 26, 2013

This little boy just hit {8 months}!


How time flies.

I can’t say this road with three littles is easy.  No, I can’t say that at all.  It’s hard.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I know these will be the sweetest years and I try to remember that through my day…  I’ve also been reading 1000 Gifts, which mainly talks about finding joy in God, your surroundings, and thankfulness in everything.  Then when your heart is thankful, it brings you closer to the joy of God… I probably botched that but really, having a thankful heart is hard but super sweet when you can get there in the hard moments.  The “ugly beautiful” – seeing thankfulness in whining little girls, fussy babies, middle of the night baby wake-up calls…  It’s a process, but one I want to get better at.

But this little boy… he is not usually the brunt of my need for thankfulness (usually.). 

He continues to meld into our family, so much that it’s hard to picture it without him. 

He is a great sitter and is now loving discovering toys – rather than playing with what’s given to him.  He’d rather find them in his basket, play, and go find more.  He will automatically roll over when put on his tummy to play.  But once in awhile he will stay contentedly a few minutes, scooting in circles, discovering what’s around him.  Then roll over.

He gets very excited when he’s brought into the bathroom for bath time.  Once he’s undressed, he’s trying with all his might to escape from you and get to the tub.  Bath toys are a new and exciting invention.  Who knew there was more joy than just the water!

He is becoming more interactive.  His new favorite game is shaking his head, like “no.”  Thankfully, he doesn’t know its meaning.  He loves to clap your hands.  He {loves} to walk around holding your hands.  I can see the excitement in his eyes as he gets to actually move to what he’s interested in!  I can see him skipping the bulk of crawling and go straight to walking… like another little boy in this house.

Tickling and rough housing are quite fun.

He is a smirker.  He will definitely give you smiles, but like his big brother, he watches a lot, taking everything in, and gives these cute little sly smirks.  I love it.

He’ seeing the potential in baby food more and more.  Real food seems very tempting to him until he tries a bite and gets caught up in textures, usually ending in gagging.  :)

The very best of all… this little sleeps in his very own crib in the “boy’s room!”  We have kept him in our room for so long for a very important reason… To preserve sleeping!  For a long time, he was waking up anywhere between 2-5am for any number of reasons.  And we didn’t want Breyton’s sleep disturbed too much.  We also didn’t want the big kids waking him up in the morning when they’re up.  So, we have found our sweet spot for now – he goes to bed right after the big ones are completely down.  He’s up between 4:30-5:30am to eat and goes back down in our room.  That way when the other two are up between 7-8am, Dekker’s allowed to sleep his morning!  And we’re finding that Dekker crying at night (if he does), doesn’t usually disturb B too much.  Peaceful!  It’s good to have our room back to ourselves – not having to get ready for bed super quietly and in the dark.  And Jon gets to read in bed once again!





Girls and Their Babies…

Posted By on August 30, 2013


The Cardboard Box…

Posted By on August 30, 2013

We got a new lawn mower…

Nothing is more fun…

Than a cardboard box… and a good friend!


                 20130819-0914  20130819-0916



Pretty much love her face…



Sometimes as a mom, you just have to go with it…






First Day of School!

Posted By on August 30, 2013

On Monday we started our school for the year!

Day one was, well, day one.  I forget that routine has to be learned…  :)  Soon, though, it will be smoother than this!  Day two was much better.

Our geography (Expedition Earth) for the week is going over continents, oceans, and imaginary lines.  Our project for the week will be making a paper mache globe… Am I crazy?  Ask me at the end of the week…


Paper mache – using glue/water mixture… I had this great idea to hang the balloons when they were done but the newspaper just started sliding down.  So they got to dry on the counter.



On Wednesday, it was Breyton’s first day of LEAP enrichment school. (Loveland’s enrichment program is called LEAP).  So, he goes all day for more “fun” (enrichment) classes that we don’t do at home for school.  Well, this year it’s a set Kindergarten program but in first grade it starts where you can pick your classes.  Our friend from church, Sela’s daughter, is doing first and picked things like a cooking class, spanish and a puppet class (of what I can remember).  But he loved it.  There are only 4 kids in his class (they cap it at 6) so it should be pretty fun!  He said his favorite part of his day was “all of it!”

All ready to go with his camo backpack he picked out.  Boys.


In his class :)  Such a sweet boy.


My First Cereal

Posted By on August 17, 2013

We didn’t see any smiles… only grunts and whining for more!  :)

I think he loved eating something… and he did great too!




Enjoying sitting in his high chair.

20130817-0846  20130817-0847

The World is Getting Bigger!

Posted By on August 16, 2013

This little boy is 4.5 months and discovering more every day!

He’s getting those fun little grabby hands!  Watch out or he’s got ahold of most things in a moment’s time!  He thinks it’s great.  And mom’s hair…oh yes, loving grabbing hair. He’s put Mara to tears by grabbing hers – which in turn turned Dekker to tears…  :)

He loves his exer-saucer and any way of being up to see what’s going on around him! He’s entertained by his siblings and loves to watch cartoons along side of them…  Not such a fan of tummy time but getting better.  Loves to be tickled and talked to.  Loves attention.  Still a laid back little man that will truck along with you wherever you go.  Loves to play “boo.”  Doesn’t really suck his thumb too often but will chew on as many fingers as he can get in there!  Likes to be thrown in the air or “dropped” down.  He’s getting more roll-ey on the floor – reaching for things nearby.  He will often roll off his tummy to his back. Finding his toes.

We haven’t started cereal or baby food yet.  Why rush another step in the meal process :)  But I may start some cereal before long just because.  He’s getting a little more interested in food (or maybe just in grabbing it!) and has discovered sucking out of mom’s water bottle is pretty fun!

Things that I love that he does… when you catch his eye, he gives a sly little smirk or a big bright smile. When I hold him and he wraps both arms around my neck to hold on. Giggles.  Kicks like a mad-man in the bath tub!  Listens when I sing.  When he settles into sleep in the ergo carrier and just melts into me.  Laughs when M or B play with him.  Comes off of nursing, smiles at me, and gets back on.  His baby smell.

He is a great third little blessing.






Grabby Hands

Posted By on August 14, 2013

Yes, I want your cookie…  Or anything else that you have…

20130814-0839  20130814-0840  20130814-0841

A New Addition

Posted By on August 14, 2013

Thanks to a friend lacking some room, we are borrowing (maybe permanently) a piano!  B has loved practicing on it and even usually wants to play more songs than required when he does practice!  M likes playing it too :)  B’s teacher even said she could tell that he’s been practicing on a real piano… and it’s only been a week.  Sweet.

It sounds so nice!

I love it.  Looking forward to hearing 3 kids playing one day!


It’s Fun to Be Young

Posted By on August 12, 2013

Do you remember all the silly things you did as a kid but it seemed normal at the time?!  :)

Like letting your 6 year old neighbor (because 6 is way old!) dress you up like Prince and Princesses with make-up, including your hair…

Yes, that is hot pink lip gloss on my son… and eye-shadow  :)  And she must have done his hair too!


This picture didn’t show it as well, but M got that same lip gloss decorating her hair.  Her mom said she worked on it for awhile to get it out.  I washed it twice and she still has some strawberry highlights there in the front  :)  It’s kind of cute…

And she was in a mood here… not one of letting her mom take a picture…


Always Outdoors

Posted By on August 2, 2013

Summer fun, hanging out outside! 

I get tired of holding this little chubby monkey… Here, have a seat, D!  Mara loved it.


20130802-0800  20130802-0803

Our neighborhood friend, Ayslee!  She has the most beautiful eyes!


Our Homeschool Adventure 2013

Posted By on July 31, 2013

Yes, it’s official!  We are continuing this thing called homeschooling!

Last year we basically did kindergarten with B and fun stuff with M.  This year’s the real deal for Kindergarten/1st grade!  M will continue pre-k stuff!

I know the thought of homeschool offends some for reasons of their own.  This is not my purpose here.  This works for our family and may be far from what works for yours.  I just know this is where the Lord has us!  :)  Here’s a great article that outlines our beliefs on why we’re homeschooling… Steve says it better than I can.

There’s been a flurry of change in our household the last few months!  When Dekker was born, I was on maternity leave until mid June.  Then the final decision was made for me to finish work and stay home with our new family of 5!  This was a continual conversation Jon and I have had for the last 1 to 1 1/2 years, talking about different avenues we might take when we had child #3.  I always thought it would be the easiest decision I’d ever make to stay home with our kids but it was honestly, really hard when it came down to it!  I love the work I do and the people I work with!  It was also a heart issue – where am I putting my identity?  It’s so easy to say “I am a nurse” but very different to say “I’m a stay at home mom.”  Why??  Because that seems so much more important to the world!  But God’s reality is different!  He has me in this place at this moment for a purpose!  And a very big one at that!  Shaping these little lives is crazy hard work!  But my identity is here, in my home, and usually in my pj’s, un-showered.  And I’m realizing that this is good.  I think each day it settles a little more that “this” is what I am doing today.  I do not have to work tomorrow or this weekend.  “This” is what I have to do.  And it is important!  And whether each day brings joy, laughter, tears or anger, I’m also realizing how much I can not do this alone!  {Only} by God’s grace will this work. {I think I need to repeat those words 50 more times today…}

Having the summer to ease into being at home has been good.  I wanted to have {some} purpose this summer with kids.  Not just a “go outside and play” kind of summer… although, that has its place!  I wanted to be rooted in the Lord somewhere for kids.  Being the end of July, summer will be coming to a close all too soon – but we did accomplish one thing on my list.  We are memorizing bible verses each week.  This isn’t something I have done with kids consistently since Breyton was 2!  We are on verse #5 for the summer, which, besides a couple weeks of craziness early this month, we have been able to do one verse per week!  The kids have loved it because they get bribed with candy, and I love it because it’s not a chore for me to pound it into them!  This idea came from Kathleen Nelson and her family.  Kids can say their verse once per hour and get a small piece of candy each time, which is saved for the end of the day.  So if they have said their verse 6  times, 6 mini sweet tarts are waiting for them after dinner. They love it and usually ask for their next verse each week.  So far we have done:

Psalm 116:1 – I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer.
Proverbs 17:22 – A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:17 – A friend loves at all times.
This week – 1 Samuel 12:24 – But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.

I’ve tried to mix truths about God together with verses on character.  When we did verses when B was little, it was so character focused, it wasn’t fun anymore for him.  (I mean, what’s not to love about always talking about obeying your parents and not complaining?? )  But he still remembers those verses and we still use them…  But you know, another good thing coming out of all this??  I am learning verses too!  When you have to repeat them for Mara (since she can’t read them) and then quiz them routinely – you get to know them!  It’s good.  Any suggestions for next week?

So, I’m writing this July 31st and tomorrow starts August.  In 3 weeks, school will start downstairs.  I’ve spent countless hours researching, buying, organizing, and prepping.  I can honestly say, I am pretty much ready!  (Man, if this is kindergarten, what is it going to look like down the road!)  And I am so thankful for the friends that I can use as resources, as they are ahead of me in this venture!  You know who you are!!

But here is our year (I write this for you, but more for me so I can look back to see what we were doing in 2013!):

Breyton (5):

Math – We switched to Singapore Math this year – 1A/B
ReadingAll About Reading Level 2
SpellingAll About Spelling Level 1 and 2
LanguageFirst Language Lessons level 1(grammar), A Beka Writing with Phonics K5 (working on handwriting), and A Beka Letters and Sounds K for extra practice.  Also doing Draw-Write-Now books for some creative writing/morning work.
GeographyExpedition Earth (studying continents and countries around the world) from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  This is our “dessert” as my friend’s say – not crucial, but something fun.

And he’s starting in Loveland’s LEAP enrichment program one day/week.  Just for fun kindergarten, friends, learning time.


Continuing Confessions of a Homeschooler pre-k alphabet work, but including some of the harder things this year.  Will be working on more writing and tracing letters (she’s pretty interested right now), letter sounds, and reading higher numbers.  We’ll {hopefully} have lots of fun :)  She’ll also come alongside with Expedition Earth too.  Also doing All About Reading Pre-Reading level.

Here’s some fun from our 100th day of school last year!

20130409-9927  20130409-9930

B wrote numbers 1-100.  M just wrote  :)

20130409-9932  20130409-9923

Counting to 100 activities and a 100 snack!

20130409-9941  20130409-9949

20130409-9934  20130409-9947


20130409-9935  20130409-9937

It Grows.

Posted By on July 23, 2013

Mmm, fuzzy blonde hair.  Love.